In pics: Meet 'Sense8's Miguel Angel Silvestre

Sci-fi drama Sense8 has been generating a lot of hype since it landed in full on Netflix earlier this month (June 5), and not only for its frank and honest depiction of LGBT characters - there's also that mind-meltingly hot orgy scene to consider. The show revolves around eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked - and if you're yet to get on board with the latest creation from the makers of The Matrix, then we've got one very good reason for you: Miguel Angel Silvestre plays closeted Spanish actor Lito Rodriguez, who was understandably front and centre of that aforementioned orgy. Miguel starred in Pedro Almodóvar's I'm So excited in 2013 and a slew of Spanish TV shows before getting his big Netflix-based break - so we thought we'd delve into the 33-year-old's back catalogue and get to know him a little better... masok anigif_enhanced-24258-1405346430-2 2480759824_2f1b331e07_o (1) miguel angel Silvestre miguelangelsilvestre060 Miguel_Angel_Silvestre_Shangay3-thumb-500x625-12749   Miguel Ángel Silvestre naked 50-thumb-500x305-12783 8LLlF6U-thumb-500x375-12775   tumblr_mqe1kxIFFQ1rl78v9o4_250 tumblr_no7hy9bpcg1u0qxwoo1_1280 post-582-0-81281700-1369985914-thumb-500x495-12797 2poxi3D-thumb-500x375-12769 tumblr_no7hlht2kO1u0qxwoo8_1280 miguel angel silvestre naked 3 tgL3f87-thumb-500x703-12755 2498_13 0u7LsAj-thumb-500x281-12765 1MlNSif-thumb-500x281-12767 large tumblr_no7hipJm6W1u0qxwoo7_1280 tumblr_nplpj7JQWO1r6vy8ho1_250 tumblr_nplpj7JQWO1r6vy8ho2_250 tumblr_nplpj7JQWO1r6vy8ho3_250 tumblr_nplpj7JQWO1r6vy8ho4_250   tumblr_nplpj7JQWO1r6vy8ho6_250 tumblr_nplpj7JQWO1r6vy8ho7_250   tumblr_nplpj7JQWO1r6vy8ho8_250   HS_ChrisPratt_03_2 More stories: The 'Sense8' sex scene that's got everyone talking Woman’s amazing response to complaint over ‘gay’ garden