Indya Moore assaulted by Trump supporter outside 'Pose' studio

The transgender actress was shoved after trying to remove a Trump 2020 sign


Words: Steve Brown

Indya Moore was assaulted by a Trump supporter outside the Pose studio.

The transgender actress stars as Angel in Ryan Murphy’s hit new show – which follows the underground world of 1980s ball culture, set at the height of the Aids epidemic.

While filming for the upcoming second season – which is set to air in the US from tomorrow (June 11) – Moore was recorded trying to remove a giant Trump 2020 sign from outside the studio.

When Moore and a man began tugging at the sign and the actress tells the man: “Well… You’re not a fan of our show, and we don’t want you to be fan of our show.”

The man then shoves the actress. The confrontation ends after the police arrived.

Watch the footage below: