International Mister Spain comes out as gay

International Mister Spain has come out as gay, just days after winning the prestigious pageant competition. Daniel Rodriguez managed to beat 47 other constants in last week's final, and will go on to represent Spain at the Mister International pageant later this year. Rodriguez, who is the first openly gay man to hold the title, told ABC that he didn't come out during the competition because he didn't think it was "necessary". Spain1-e1464636278987cropped "The truth is I never asked myself that it was something necessary because I did not see it as a reason why I could not claim the title," he says. Rodriguez also revealed that he has been out to his family and friends and has never had a problem with his sexuality. When he was asked if coming out would affect his professional relationships, he said: "I hope not. I made very good friends with some colleagues and I wish that nothing changes from now." 13256299_1706235556302429_5514707792697250074_n-1465324498 Some people however, have said that a gay man shouldn't hold the Mr Spain title. "I do not understand why," Rodriguez says in response to the criticism. "A homosexual can be as masculine as a heterosexual." h/t: New Now Next More stories: Male migrants and asylum seekers in Greece are turning to sex work in order to survive How often do most gay men watch porn – and for how long?