Interview | Finding Prince Charming's Sam reveals why Bachelor Robert wouldn't have been the man for him

We're only four episodes in, but Finding Prince Charming has already given us drama by the bucket load. We've had tears, tantrums, kisses and cuss-outs. But nothing has topped the jaw-dropping antics of the season's bad boy Sam, who walked out in episode three after spitting on rival Dillon. Let's relive the moment, shall we? 14463637_10153824174155308_2080699957_n We caught up with Sam to chat about his spat (pun intended) with Dillon, how he really feels about Prince Charming Robert Sepulveda Jr., and why, despite the drama, being in the world's first all-gay dating show was still something to be proud of. What were your expectations going into the competition? Did you see yourself as a serious competitor? With any competition, whether it’s on the tennis court or on the basketball court – I come to win. I definitely saw myself as a serious contender. I’m authentic, speak the truth and have a lot to offer. I definitely would have been in the top 3 if I wouldn’t have chosen to leave the house. Cocky? No. Just confident, there’s a difference. What were your thoughts walking into the room in episode one and seeing your competition for the first time? Being that I didn’t know them –I thought regarding theirs looks they each had something special. I thought it was nice to see a diverse group of me from around the country. It was nice to see. Were you attracted to any of your rivals? I really came there with any open mind – but I didn’t find myself being attracted to any of the other guys. I didn’t seem to really mesh with a lot of them. You weren't to know at the time, but Robert took a shine to you quite early on. Had you known, would it have affected how you acted with him and your rivals on the show?  Absolutely not! Initially when I first saw Robert – I thought he was handsome, but too plastic and he seemed a little inauthentic. Maybe he was nervous but he was also just too quiet for me. It’s the quiet ones you sometimes have to think twice about – what are they hiding? I’m an open book – I have nothing to hide and I think people like that. I knew I wasn’t really feeling Robert – but I wanted to stick around and see if perhaps something would change – unfortunately it didn’t. Regarding the other suitors, a few of them were clearly jealous that Robert was taking a shine to me and that’s when they started acting like “Mean Girls.” Let's talk about Robby. You clashed with him early on, because you didn't think his flamboyance was sincere.  I want to make one thing clear: this was not an attack nor a war between masculine and feminine. I was simply questioning Robby’s authenticity. Were his dramatic entrance and demeanor more for show? As it turns out, what you see with Robby is what you get. We actually had drinks a few weeks ago in West Hollywood and I do consider him a new friend. What was it like having Robert on top of you in the Yoga challenge? I was not feeling the acrobatic Yoga. It was awkward and I just wanted to be done with it! Having him on top of me was not a comfortable feeling. Did your knees give way by accident, or was that a move to get him a little closer to you? I’m not sure what exactly happened – it’s hard to remember because I was just so uncomfortable out there. finding-prince-charming-contestants-robert-sepulvega-1800x1012-012-1474576475 How did your perception of Robert change after spending a little one-on-one time with him?  Well, it definitely started to change when I realized he was more into talking about what was going on in the house rather than how I was feeling toward him and vice versa. On the third episode, you didn’t see him telling me how “great” of a guy Dillon was. When I realized he actually thought someone like Dillon was a “great guy” I knew he wouldn’t be the right guy for me. As the saying goes “ You are who your friends are.” What are your thoughts on him more generally? I think he’s very guarded and a bit socially awkward. Again, I’m not sure if it was due to the cameras and such, but I just didn’t get a good vibe from him once I got to know him a bit better. There was a moment of connection between you and Robert during your date, but it was overshadowed by talk of Dillon. Did you feel sabotaged by him? I did feel sabotaged, but Dillon was clearly out to “take me out” from the very first episode. Every time I was about to have some one-on-one time with Robert, Dillon would literally come to me and start some type of argument. He did so at the pool party, before the beach, before my date with Robert and minutes before our altercation. Speaking of Dillon – what went through your head before the spitting incident? Before it happened, I felt a little defeated and angry. I decided to leave the house because one, I just wasn’t into Robert anymore, and two, Dillon was sabotaging my character and I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop it. The other guys saw what Dillon was doing and saying behind my back, yet they did nothing about it. In my eyes, they were acting like cowards. When the guys turned their backs on Chad, I had Chad’s back and actually got quite emotional when I saw the way they were treating him. Dillon was poking and poking at me during my entire experience – he wanted a reaction and he got one. Amy I proud of it? No. How do you feel about it now? Have the two of you spoken since? Dillon and I have not spoken. I’m not really sure how I feel about it personally. I just can’t believe that I allowed someone to take me to such a nasty place. I didn’t know I had that in me. But when you are in a house with nowhere to really escape, the pressure and anger mounts quickly. If someone in my real life continually bullied me I would simply ignore them and not associate myself with that individual, but here there was nowhere to run and no one I could confide in or vent to. What did you learn about yourself from the experience? I learned that I’m still a work in progress. I’m not perfect – but I never pretend to be perfect. I usually pride myself on being mentally tough and I honestly thought I was a little stronger mentally, but I guess I'm not and that's something I need to face. I'm also not as confident as people tend to think I am... I need to work on that as well.. charming If you could let the public know one thing about you that didn't come across on the show, what would that be? That I have a very sensitive and introverted side to myself. Unfortunately, you just didn’t get to see some of those moments. Hopefully you will though, as I like to think that you haven’t heard the last of Sam Provenzano. Despite not staying long, being part of the world's first all-gay dating show makes you part of LGBT history. Are you glad you took part? I am most definitely proud to be able to be a part of such an historical show. It was an honor to be chosen. At the end of the day, despite some disagreements and arguments, we are much more alike than different. You wore a vest with your fitness company's logo on throughout the competition. Is that your next big focus? It is! Right Fit for You is a company that I started two years ago in Chicago. We are an LGBTQ-Friendly Personal Trainer & Fitness Network. Our mission is to provide the LGBTQ community with a comfortable client/trainer relationship from start to finish. If you live in Chicago, you can visit our site, enter your ZIP code and a list of LGBTQ-Friendly Personal Trainers will pop up in your area. Be on the lookout! Who do you think should end up with Prince Charming? Honestly, from the very beginning I felt that I should have been the Prince Charming – so I’ll stick to that. Maybe season 2? I’d definitely do something like this again… and next time I won’t let anyone get in my way of finding true love. 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