Interview: Hillary Clinton's campaign video gay couple talk personal letter, wedding plans

Hillary Clinton has sent a personal thank you letter to Jared Milrad and Nate Johnson – the gay couple featured in the announcement video for her 2016 presidential campaign. Jared and Nate 1 We spoke to Jared back in April following the release of the video, which quickly became a viral sensation drawing in over three million hits in a couple of days, and it marked the first presidential campaign video to feature a gay couple. At the time, Jared and his fiancé Nate were busy responding to all the media buzz as well as organising their upcoming wedding in July of this year. We catch up with Jared again to talk about their personal letter from Hillary and to check in on how those all-important wedding plans are coming along... 1) How does it feel to have received a personal letter from Hillary Clinton? We were incredibly honoured to receive a letter from Secretary Clinton. To us, the fact that she took the time to write such a thoughtful and personal letter shows her commitment to fighting for people like us. Hillary's Letter to Jared 2) She makes a clear statement about this campaign being for everyone – especially with regard to marriage equality... Secretary Clinton's strong support of marriage equality is unprecedented for any major presidential candidate this early in an election cycle, and it's particularly meaningful for us given that she included us in her launch video and we're getting married this summer. Her leadership on this issue speaks volumes about who she is as a person and the kind of leader she will be as our next president. We are incredibly honoured to receive her support not only of our relationship, but of relationships like ours all across the country and around the world. 3) Although she makes no definite statement of attending your wedding, do you think that last paragraph could be a hint towards her dropping by? We have no doubt that she will do everything she can to be there! We'd love if she could stop by our reception, as we hear she has some pretty legendary dance moves. Either way, we're honoured to have her support, and the best wedding gift she's given us – and our entire community – is her support for equality. 4) At the very least you both got a chance to tour her headquarters. We really enjoyed touring the campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. We had a chance to meet with some of the amazingly dedicated staff and volunteers that power this movement. It's great to see a campaign led by tireless individuals who are committed to running a grassroots campaign that will fight to earn every vote, and help build a future filled with equal opportunities for all of us.  Jared and Nate 2 5) How has life been following the video's release and subsequent press attention? Have things returned to normal for you and Nate? Life has gradually returned to normal for us in the last few weeks. We've had more time to spend with our families and our favourite adopted canine son, Cooper, as well as to focus more on wedding planning. That said, we're doing all we can to use our new platform to have a positive impact on others and build more support for equality and the freedom to marry. 6) And finally, how have your wedding plans been coming along? Is everything coming together?  Our wedding plans are coming along nicely! We have our invitations ready to go and are making final arrangements for our special day. We can't wait to spend this incredible time with our close friends and family, perhaps in the wake of what we hope will be a positive outcome from the Supreme Court ruling in June.   We wish the pair all the best come their wedding on July 19th Keep up with Jared and Nate on Twitter and read their full story at their website here. Watch Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement featuring Jared and Nate below: WORDS BY KEVIN LONG