Iran has officially outlawed "gay" hairstyles

Iran has outlawed "gay" hairstyles. Head of the country's barber's union, Mostafa Govahi, announced this week that barbers throughout Iran have been given a list of "appropriate" hairstyles for men. HAIRCUT In an effort to eradicate western influences in the country, tanning beds, tattoos and male eyebrow plucking have also been banned. "Haircuts that show symbols or signs of devil worshippers or those adopted by homosexuals are banned," he told TV channel Manoto, reports The Guardian. "I won’t allow such wrongful western styles as long as I’m in this position." "Any shop that cuts hair in the devil worshipping style will be harshly dealt with and their license revoked," he added. "Tattoos, solarium treatments and plucking eyebrows [for men] are also forbidden." More stories: Picture Special: Cheeky new instagram trend #undiesoutrestrooms Anti-gay US lawmaker outed over explicit pictures on Grindr