Iraqi LGBT activist Amir Ashour tells Attitude about his ongoing fight for equality

Amir Ashour is Iraq's only out LGBT activist. Despite homosexuality being legal there, LGBT people still face persecution and rejection from their friends and loved ones. Speaking of the risks involved with living openly in Iraq, the 25-year-old activist tells Attitude August issue (available to download now): "It could lead to losing the opportunity of continuing your education if you are in school. It will definitely lead to losing your job if you are working". "In extreme cases it could actually mean being killed, either by extended family members or by religious militias". Ashour, who now lives in Sweden as Iraq is too dangerous, founded IraQueer, the only human rights organisation that focuses on LGBT people in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. While the situation for LGBT people in Iraq remains bleak, Ashour is hopeful for the future: "some years ago we were afraid of even talking about it, but I want to run for Prime Minister one day. I will run as many times as possible until it's done. "It's not only about winning - every time I can run I send a message to myself that it is possible". ORLANDO COVER You can read our full feature with Amir in the new issue of Attitude, available to download now from It’s in shops next Wednesday (July 20), and print copies are available to order from Also in Attitude’s August issue, alongside all your usual news, reviews, fitness & travel:
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