Is a gay version of 'Love Island' in the works?

Love Island is the breakout hit show of the summer. Not only does the programme's drama make for unmissable television, the show's male stars are all too keen to get their kit off at every opportunity. The only thing that would make the ITV2 show better would be a gay version, and if recent reports are anything to go by, that could be happening sooner rather than later. The show's creator Richard Cowles recently revealed that he is up for a gay version of the show. In an interview with The Times, Cowles said “I would like to see what a gay version of the show would be but trying to mix the two would be difficult.” A gay version of the show would require more work, as there would have to be two completely separate versions of the game happening at one time - one for gay men and another for lesbians. However, we're still holding out hope that our fantasy of a Gay Island will be a reality. The current series of the show is already pretty gay. Earlier in the series, Islanders Chris and Kem shaved their initials on to each other's pubic hair. Really. Is it too early to say that Love Island is one of the greatest television series in the history of human civilisation?