Is a new Pet Shop Boys album imminent?

It appears that British electronic pop duo The Pet Shop Boys are enlisting social media and a street poster campaign to build up buzz ahead of their latest album release. The end of last week saw the appearance of a website and social media accounts for 'We Are Super', along with street posters in locations around London hinting at the imminent release, Pop Justice reports. After wishing their fans a Merry Christmas on December 23, Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant posted a message to the Pet Shop Boys website promising a new album for 2016 to mark the 30th anniversary of their very first release Please, which made its debut back in 1986. https://twitter.com/whatissuper/status/687972584261062656 Meanwhile, a track playing out across the We Are Super's website landing page conjures up recognisable musical motifs not unlike many of the classic PSB tracks that we in the Attitude office have come to love over the years. If all is indeed pointing to the release of their next album, it will be the first one to hit the airwaves for the award-winning duo since July 2013 with Electric. Commentary across social media is already rife with speculation. “New PSB album. #thatissuper,” writes one user. “A new Pet Show Boys album might improve 2016,” writes another. The ‘We Are Super’ website adds that all is to be revealed at 1pm on January 21. Stay tuned for more news to come… More stories: ‘What I’ve learned dating HIV-positive guys’ Watch | YouTube star Calum McSwiggan apologises for bareback porn past