Is Cher set for an appearance in 'American Horror Story: Cult'?

Cher, legend of stage and screen, might be making an appearance on the upcoming season of American Horror Story, if you can follow all the clues. The 71-year-old, who is fresh off her bonkers musical cameo in the children's show Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh, Cher is rumoured to be stopping by the cult-themed season of the camptastic horror anthology series. Last month, Cher teased an upcoming surprise project, giving fans the first week of September as a proposed release date. Cult premieres tomorrow (September 5), during the first week of September. Later when a fan asked the legend whether she was planning any time in Australia or New Zealand in the near future, Cher left a cryptic reply: Could the 'cool-fun tv thing with gorge man' be AHS? After all, the Ryan Murphy-produced show is known for casting a selection of attractive men for audiences to lust over. And what's this about a classic song? If Cher performs on American Horror Story we don't know if we'd survive the level of gay excitement that would produce. Cherilyn also appeared with the cast at a recent event. She was photographed alongside Cult stars Colton Haynes, Billy Eichner, and Cheyenne Jackson. Her son Chaz was also in attendance, as he will be making an as yet unspecified appearance on the upcoming season.
So what do you think? Will Cher be joining the Cult or is this just too good to be true? More stories: NFL star speaks out about closeted players: ‘They can get rid of you because of your sexuality’ 15 of Joan Rivers’ most memorable zingers