Is Hollyoaks' John Paul falling for his mum's boyfriend?

Family drama is on its way for the McQueen family in Hollyoaks, as it seems John Paul (James Sutton) may be developing a bit of a crush on his mum Myra's handsome boyfriend Diego - and considering he's already proved he's not above embarking on a steamy affair with his cousin's husband, it's fair to say Myra should sleep with one eye open. A preview of next week on the soap suggests that John Paul's annoyance at walking in on his mum and her new lover Diego in romantic clinches is less about being squeamish, and more about being jealous, and he even starts to cancel plans with friends to spend more time with the handsome Venezuelan. landscape-soaps-hollyoaks-w50-4274-01-1 gallery-soaps-hollyoaks-w50-4274-04-1 Diego (full name Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz) has been played by Juan Pablo Yepez since he appeared on the show in November. A lover Myra McQueen picked up in Alicante, he followed her back to England under the false pretence that she is the 'Countess of Chester'. How John Paul's feelings for his mum's handsome new partner develop remains to be seen, but it's fair to say we'll be keep a very close eye on proceedings. MYRA RUNS FROM DIEGO Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4. More stories Hollyoaks faces backlash for being 'too gay' Hollyoaks' Charlie Clapham strips for Attitude