Is Meghan Trainor's fall on Jimmy Fallon the most excruciating of all time?

Meghan Trainor made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show but had a bit of a stumble while performing her new single, 'Me Too'. The 22-year-old singer was seemingly out of the woods after finishing the performance, but lost her footing as she turned back towards the crowd, falling head over heels and even taking the microphone with her. As onstage falls go, this is about as painful to watch as it can possible get - possibly down to the fact that Meghan can see it coming, the viewer can see it coming, and it seems to take forever for her  to go from high-heeled wobble to hitting the floor. At least she owned it: The 'No' singer was quickly joined on the ground by Fallon and the pair laughed the pain away. But one thing's for sure, this one will be on repeat for a while... More stories: Eurovision 2016: The ones to watch Gay cyclist passes a homophobic street preacher – what he did next left the crowd cheering