Is Queer Eye's Jonathan van Ness heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house?

The Fab Five's grooming guru is rumoured to be part of the Channel 5 reality show's latest line-up.


Celebrity Big Brother is set to return to UK television screens in a few short weeks (exact date to be confirmed), and there's one rumoured housemate we'd be very excited to see enter the infamous Elstree compound this time around.

According to The Sun, Channel 5 bosses are reportedly lining up Queer Eye's fabulous grooming guru Jonathan van Ness for the latest installment of the iconic reality series - can you believe?!

(Yes we really are going to drive that catchphrase into the ground).

A source told the tabloid: "Bosses know what a hit Queer Eye has become and everyone's obsessed with Jonathan.

"The show has become an international success and Jonathan would make amazing TV for the show.

"They are desperate to land him for the next series and have told producers to do whatever it takes to get him to sign on the dotted line."

The last series Celebrity Big Brother became one of the show's most gripping outings in years for LGBT viewers when it aired earlier this year.

Audiences were divided as former RuPaul's Drag Race star Shane Jarek - aka Courtney Act - found himself being vilified by housemates (including the gay Amanda Barrie and Wayne Sleep) for vocally criticising Ann Widdecombe's anti-gay views, before eventually triumphing over the former Conservative MP in the final.

The presence of a Fab Five member would certainly add another refreshing LGBT dimension to the televised social experiment, but it looks like other prominent members of the community may also be heading into the house this year.

Author, activist and former Attitude columnist Paris Lees is said to be among the new crop of housemates, with a source telling The Sun: "It's a done deal. Paris has signed the contract is going to join the show."

Other celebs rumoured to be preparing for a stint in the house include the adult film star at the centre of the Donald Trump political scandal, Stormy Daniels, Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley, former The Only Way is Essex star Dan Osborne, and British screen legends The Chuckle Brothers.

Roll on launch night.

Celebrity Big Brother is expected to begin airing on Channel Five later this month.