ISIS release images showing Syrian man accused of homosexuality being thrown to his death

Images of a Syrian man being thrown to his death after being accused of homosexuality have been released by Islamic State today (December 5). The unidentified victim was reportedly dragged to the top of a building in Maslamah City in war-torn Aleppo, Syria, before being thrown to his death. Attitude has taken the decision not to publish the pictures, but unlike previous executions the victim does not appear to have been blindfolded before being thrown from the building. According to reports, crowds including children as young as six were then ordered to stone him. Capital punishment for men accused of homosexuality has been used by ISIS to assert its supposed ideological purity since the terrorist group began exerting power, with the group describing gay men as the "worst of creatures". In September this year, an ISIS defector revealed the extent of the cruelty with which gay and bi men are treated in ISIS-controlled areas, including punitive rape. "I saw the worst things one can imagine on the face of the Earth," Kamandar Bakhtiar revealed to the United Arab Emirate’ Alaan TV.
“They kill and behead innocent people, plunder the property of regular people, and they do the worst possible things, such as raping homosexuals.”
He added: “All these things run counter to Islam. I was very upset by these deeds, but there was nothing I could do.”
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