Jack Maynard opens up about his 'scary' exit from I'm A Celeb

The YouTuber was pulled from the show after several racist and homophobic tweets were uncovered


Jack Maynard has revealed what actually happened the night he was axed from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

The YouTube star was pulled from the show last year after several racist and homophobic tweets he had posted between 2011-2013 were uncovered.

Maynard, 23, made an appearance on Good Morning Britain yesterday (March 1) and explained how the reality show's producers broke the news to him, Digital Spy reports. 

He told the breakfast show's presenters: "It was pretty horrible - it was quite scary to be honest because I got taken out first thing in the morning and didn't really know what was going on.


"I went to the medical hut to be escorted by the producers who didn't really tell me much at the time, they just said that there have been some accusations and we've got to take you out of the show. I was panicking and wasn't really sure what was happening." 

He continued: "Eventually I got back to the hotel, got my phone, spoke to my manager and my brother [Connor Maynard]. That's when I really found out what had happened. I hadn't really looked online because I didn't want to see any of it." 

The Vlogger revealed that he then left for London in order to apologise for what had happened before stating that he hopes his fans could learn from the mistake. 

Despite the controversy, Maynard hopes to one day return to the jungle, but only if the producers are happy with it.

"I would go back in to prove myself," he said. "I didn't really get the worst of it while I was in there. Maybe I deserve it. Maybe I should go in there and face my fears." 

Maynard apologised in a YouTube video just days after he was pulled from the jungle and later insisted that he isn't homophobic because he has "lots of gay friends".