Jade from Little Mix: 'RuPaul is my idol'

This Saturday, London's LGBT partygoers will come together for one night of decadence and debauchery: Sink The Pink Summer Ball is back for its third outing at the glorious Troxy in East London. This year Little Mix join the line-up, so Sink The Pink creator Glynfamous grabbed five with Jade from the band... little-mix I think the whole of London is counting down the seconds until the Summer Ball - how are you feeling about it? I can't even begin to explain how excited we all are, I went to last years Winter ball and had the time of my life, I told the girls straight after that we just had to do it the next year and here we are. The crowd are incredible and I know it's going to be one of the best gigs we do! I know you have been coming to Sink The Pink for some time now with Aaron [Little Mix's hair stylist], but what is it that you enjoy about it? Everything! If I'm honest I've struggled living in and getting used to London as I'm not originally from here. When I go out with Aaron I feel like London is now becoming my home. I LOVE drag queens - RuPaul is my idol, second only to Diana Ross of course. I think I just love how it doesn't matter who you are or how you dress at Sink The Pink, anything goes, everything and everyone is fabulous and you can be who you want to be. You were a judge at the last one, how was that? I remember you being the most AMAZING judge, you knew your stuff. I had the best time of my life being a judge. I've watched EVERY episode of Drag Race so I know my stuff, hahaha. I know every quote and queen so I felt like my expertise was well used. I LIVE for a lace front and a cinched waist. Most people won't know just how much of a fan of drag you are, so who are your top three favourite drag queens and why? Number one has to be Mama Ru, she's just an incredible inspiration, her book has given me a lot of confidence and life lessons. RuPaul Andre Charles changed the game and in my opinion is one of the best icons for the gay community, as well as a role model in knowing your craft and making it huge. Jodie Harsh has to be the coolest UK queen, she's repping Britain and has put her stamp on the drag world with her trademark look and music. I've met her lots through Aaron and she's so lovely. And three: Bianca Del Rio. Her humour is brutal but I LOVE it, though I'm not sure if I could cope with her reading me. She has to be one of the best drag race contestants ever, she always looks flawless too, what a talent. 1375823_10152728136964597_484164885632704056_n Pictured: Jade partying at a previous Sink the Pink event.  Finally, what can Sink the Pink expect from the girls? We love nothing more than putting on a show, so expect fabulous costumes, dancing and maybe a surprise! We are literally counting down the seconds! info: Sink the Pink Summer Ball takes place at the Troxy in Stepney this Saturday, June 20. Tickets and info here You can read an in-depth interview with all the girls from Little Mix in the next issue of Attitude, out next week.  little-mix-black-magic