Jaguar joins Birmingham Pride parade with rainbow 'Jag You Are' electric I-PACE

The motoring firm's LGBT+ network joined this weekend's march for equality in Birmingham.


Jaguar nailed their rainbow colours to the mast in Birmingham this weekend as the motoring firm's LGBT+ network joined the city's annual Pride celebrations.

Members of the Jaguar team marched in Saturday's parade (25 May) alongside a special edition of the company's electric I-PACE SUV bearing rainbow decals and the inclusive slogan 'Jag You Are'.

"We’re proud to be supporting our diverse workforce at Birmingham Pride 2019 this weekend – the UK’s biggest two-day LGBTQ festival – where we joined the parade with a specially designed #JagYouAre #IPACE’," Jaguar said in a statement on Twitter.  

The rainbow IPACE's eye-catching makeover was designed was by Jaguar Design Manager Andrea Rosati and the firm's Creative Designer Anna Abell.

A spokesperson for Jaguar said: "'With 'Jag You Are' and its graphics we talk about individuality and inclusiveness. Going beyond stereotypes - even in the LGBT+ community - we want to celebrate the chance to 'be your own animal.'

"The artworks - really geometric, not over-designed - are a homage to Polaroid: an instantaneous, immediate image of ourselves, showing who we are without filters."

This year's Birmingham Pride parade was led by Andrew Moffat, the Birmingham teacher whose LGBT-inclusive 'No Outsiders' lessons have been subject to a fierce homophobic backlash from some parents.

Mr Moffat marked the day by marching alongside LGBTQ Muslims, before reading out a touching letter of support from a 10-year-old girl to the assembled crowd in the city's gay village - click here to find out more.