Jake and Hannah Graf share a powerful message giving hope to younger trans people

The couple announced last year that they are expecting their first child together


Words: Steve Brown

Hannah and Jake Graf share a powerful message giving hope to younger trans people.

Captain Hannah Graf became the highest-ranking transgender woman in the British Army and married to transgender filmmaker Jake Graf after announcing their engagement back in 2017.

Last year, the couple revealed they are to become parents of a baby girl in April, making them the first parents in Britain who are both transgender.

Their daughter – who is being carried by a surrogate – is reportedly genetically linked to Jake by eggs he had harvested when he temporarily stopped taking testosterone for six months several years ago.

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And while appearing on Lorraine today (January 6), the couple opened up about expecting their first child and said they hope to give young trans people the inspiration to be who they are.

Speaking to Lorraine, Jake said: “So many parents of trans kids are worried. They read in the media that trans kids don’t know their own minds and that there is something wrong with us.

“And if we can give hope to one mother, one father, one child that it’s all going to be ok and that if they want this then it’s absolutely out there for them.”

Hannah then added: “When I was on the brink of transitioning, I genuinely thought I was making a decision between being myself but also having to give up not being able to have love, or a family or kids.

“I just thought it was something so the fact that I thought that then and here I am now, five or six years later.

“If we can get all younger trans people out there to realise there’s hope for you and you can have as much as a fulfilled life as anyone else, and I think that’s a very powerful message.”