Jake Gyllenhaal says Heath Ledger hated 'Brokeback Mountain' gay jokes

The two actors starred in the hit Ang Lee movie


Words: Steve Brown

Jake Gyllenhaal revealed Heath Ledger hated Brokeback Mountain ‘gay jokes’.

The iconic Ang Lee movie was a pivotal moment for LGBTQ representation on the big screen and went on to become one of the most loved movies of the decade.

Brokeback Mountain tells the love story of two ranchers, Ennis (played by the late great Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal), in 1960s Wyoming and scored eight Academy Award nominations following its release, winning three - for Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score.

And now while speaking to Sunday Today, Gyllenhaal said starring in the film opened tonnes of doors for him and ‘defined’ his career in ‘different ways’.

Gyllenhaal – who is godfather to Ledger’s daughter – also opened up about how his co-star hated the ‘gay jokes’ around the film and would defend the movie by saying it’s about love.

He said: “I see people who have joked with me or criticized me about lines I say in that movie — and that's the thing I loved about Heath.

“He would never joke. Someone wanted to make a joke about the story or whatever, he was like, ‘No. This is about love.’ Like, that's it, man. Like, no.’”