Jake Shears wouldn't come out in high school if he could go back

The Scissor Sisters frontman admitted he would have waited to come out


Jake Shears wouldn’t have come out in school if he knew about the danger he put himself in.

The Scissor Sisters frontman came out to his school friends before coming out to his family when he was 16, but despite being able to be himself, the singer suffered abuse and name calling and admitted he would have waited if he had known.

Speaking to Time Out London, Jake said: “I wouldn’t have come out at school when I did if I’d known the kind of danger it was going to put me in.

“That’s what I would have changed. I couldn’t go back into the closet. I’d have waited if I would have known.”

The former Attitude cover star has released his book, Boys Keep Swinging, back in February and it details when he came out to his parents while he was on holiday and admitted although there were arguments, it was simply because they were “really scared”.

He said: “Yeah. To their credit, there were arguments and I knew there would be.

“But they had reason to be upset. They were really scared and they were scared for me.


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“I don’t blame them. They had every reason to be scared for me.”

Although he talks about how his mother was opposed to him having children, he said he “couldn’t be luckier” to have her.

Jake said: “I’ll never forget he saying that… My mom thinks that I threw her under the bus with this book.

“I could write a whole book about my mother. She is the most fun, sweetest, kindest woman, and I couldn’t be luckier to have her.

“She’s an incredible person and I get so much of who I am from her. All that anger and stuff was in the moment, and it has no bearing on who she is.

“There are moments in the book where she seems an angry person, but that’s not the case.”