'James Dean Is Dead! (Long Live James Dean)' comes to London's Kings Head Theatre



James Dean Is Dead! (Long Live James Dean) is a timely look at how the film industry uses sex, drugs and power to make and break careers. 

As James Dean, Hollywood’s hottest star, steps out of his crashed car he looks back on his short iconic life. A no-holes-barred one-man show examining Hollywood’s value system and its effect.

Written by Jackie Skarvellis who passed away in 2016, Jackie had left money to help fund this production.

Starring Kit Edwards and directed by Peter Darney, this play will be at The King’s Head Theatre, London, July 26-29 and in C Venues at Edinburgh Festival August 19-29.

“When I was asked by my publisher to take this on, I of course knew of James Dean, and thought of him as a beautiful and Iconic star whose life ended tragically," says Darney.

"What I hadn’t realised was how tragic his life was- the exploitations and manipulations he endured as given for an actor working in Hollywood, and how closely that resonates with the Harvey Weinstein stories of today, making it the right time to once again tell his story.” 

James Dean Is Dead! (Long Live James Dean) will be performing at Kings Head Theatre, Islington and the Edinburgh Festival, where Em-Lou Productions were the winners of the 2017 inaugural Scottish Sun best LGBT Production Award.

You can purchase tickets for Kings Head Theatre here and C Aquila Ticket here.