James Franco teases new gay film role with Zachary Quinto

James Franco has posted his first pictures from the set of his new gay film Michael. Over the weekend, the actor posted a picture of himself in front of the camera as former gay activist Michael Glatze, and another with his co-star Zachary Quinto. 10593328_721402801258544_1481205091_n The film follows the life of Glatze, who was the co-founder of Young Gay America and a strong advocate for gay rights, before denouncing homosexuality and turning to religion after a health scare in recent years. He married a woman in 2013. Quinto stars as Glatze's former boyfriend, while Emma Roberts also features in the cast as Glatze's straight love interest. Franco has played several gay roles in the past, including Scott Smith in Milk and Beat Generation writer Allen Ginsberg in 2010′s Howl. 10608120_281409225394165_1665907689_n He also directed, produced and starred in Interior. Leather Bar. last year, which reimagines 40 minutes of banned footage from 1980 film Cruising. Franco recently spoke out against a web article claiming he is in a “seemingly gay” relationship, labelling it “homophobic” - read more here. Meanwhile, he has also addressed the criticism he received for posting a number of near-naked selfies recently - find out more here.