Jason Derulo perfectly hits back at Instagram after his 'anaconda' pic was deleted

The 'Trumpets' singer revealed to fans he has an 'anaconda' in his pants


Jason Derulo hits back at Instagram in the best possible way after the social media platform removed a revealing picture from his account.

Earlier this month, the ‘Trumpets’ singer posted an image on Instagram on him just in his pants, but fans quickly commented on his large, visible bulge.

After revealing to a fan that he has an ‘anaconda’ in his pants, the social media site condemned the post and removed it, despite Derulo saying he cannot help having a huge asset and used the hashtag #bringbackAnaconda.

Now, the singer has reposted the image onto the platform but to avoid Instagram censors removing his post again but with a foot-long Subway sandwich in place of his anaconda.

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Posting the image on Instagram again, he captioned it: “Is this better?” and it appears the Instagram censors have yet to remove to the post.

The singer also was reportedly offered $500,000 to do porn following on from the anaconda picture and we hope he takes up the offer.