Jeff Goldblum's late brother was sent to conversion therapy to 'fix' him by his father

The 'Jurassic Park' star's brother passed away in 2000


Words: Steve Brown

Jeff Goldblum has revealed his late brother was subjected to conversion therapy by his father in order to ‘fix’ his homosexuality.

While speaking to the Sunday Times, the Jurassic Park star revealed his father had a ‘traditional masculine sense of himself’ and allegedly was often cruel to his gay brother Lee, who passed away in 2000.

The actor went on to say that his father kept Lee’s sexuality a secret from the rest of the family.

Goldblum said: “He didn’t tell the rest of us. Sent him to a therapist in order to ‘fix him’. It was all secret. That’s not so nourishing.

“My dad was, without knowing why, conspicuously cruel to [Lee] at times.”

Lee reportedly faced a number of ‘troubles’ including ‘physical ailments, [being] overweight, pharmaceuticals abuse and self-medication issues’.

Despite studying at medical school and joining the army, Lee struggled with employment and was forced to move back in with his parents.