Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman exits Canada's Drag Race: 'He's going to be so missed'

"Unfortunately with the scheduling things just didn't work out for him to come back" says Brooke Lynn Hytes


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Instagram/@JeffreyBChapman

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has left his role as a judge on Canada's Drag Race after one season.

The star appeared on last year's debut of the Drag Race spin-off alongside Stacey McKenzie and RPDR's Brooke Lynn Hytes.

Brooke Lynn announced news of Jeffrey's departure in an Instagram video with Stacey uploaded to the CDR account yesterday.

"With all good news must come bad news"

After confirming season two, Brooke Lynn said: "With all good news there must be some sad news, and unfortunately our third will not be joining us this season and we're going to miss him so much."

The star continued: "Jeffrey is filming his new show. He's busy, he's booked and he's getting paid. Unfortunately with the scheduling, things just didn't work out for him to come back this season."

It is likely that Jeffrey is filming for his new Disney+ show Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., a reboot of the ABC show Doogie Howser, M.D.

On Insta, Jeffrey said: "Went from being a TV Judge to a TV Doctor... my mamma is so proud. Beyond blessed to follow in the footsteps of the brilliant Black men who paved the way before me!!"

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Last August, Jeffrey was forced to delete his Twitter account amid criticism of his judging style on Drag Race Canada.

He was accused of body-shaming after telling contestant Ilona Verley to wear full coverage foundation on her exposed buttocks during one runway.

Verley later told Attitude that'd she found the incident "weird" and "embarrassing".

However, Jeffrey was defended by RPDR UK SE1 queen Crystal who said on Twitter: "So the black queer judge on Canada’s Drag Race gets bullied off twitter. Ya’ll happy?" and added: "It’s a pile on. And it’s racist. And for what? Clout? Bet you would have loved a good old fashioned public stoning."