Jennifer Lopez squirms as she's asked about Mariah Carey feud

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen has made Jennifer Lopez squirm by asking her about her infamous feud with Mariah Carey. It's been over ten years since Mariah Carey uttered her immortal thoughts on J-Lo - "I don't know her" - and since then, the pair have long been assumed enemies, especially after J-Lo was caught nonchalently texting during Mariah's recent performance at the Billboard Music Awards. mariah-carey-i-dont-know-her Trying to get to the bottom of it all, Cohen quizzed Lopez during the 'Plead the Fifth' segment on his show, Watch What Happens Live. "The first time you were here you said there was absolutely no feud whatsoever between you and Mariah Carey," Andy said. "There isn't!" Lopez protested, while hitting his foot. "Before your Vegas show premiered, you saw Britney's show, you saw Shania, you saw Celine, you saw Cirque du Soleil...no Mariah," he pointed out. "And, during the Billboard Music Awards, you were caught texting during Mariah's performance!" andy jlo "First of all that was not fair with the texting thing, I watched a lot of it. It was a long performance, I watched most of it! I may have looked down for one second, and people were like 'look at her!' I was watching her the whole time." Lopez goes on to explain that she didn't have any free time to see Mariah's Vegas show when it was on. "Would I want to?" she added, "Yeah, why not." "I would like to watch you watching it," Andy added - speaking for most of the gay community in turn. More stories: Andy Cohen on Anderson Cooper: We're both daddies! Mariah Carey's 20 most amazing moments