Jim Parsons gushes over husband Todd Speiwak

The Big Bang Theory star revealed he loves spending time with his husband


Jim Parsons gushes over his husband Todd Speiwak.

The Big Bang Theory star married his long-term boyfriend last year and in a recent interview with Advocate, the actor revealed he was lucky to meet Spiewak before he was famous.

He said: “I happen to have been lucky enough to find somebody who we just get along at a certain level and enjoy each other’s company and that’s never waned, so we tend to kind of be in tandem for a majority of our days and nights.

“Related to that is, obviously, the fact that while I am having this relationship in Hollywood, while having a Hollywood career, Todd does not have the same type of Hollywood career.

“Unlike dating another gay actor, who’s off shooting in Australia, we don’t spend longer than a couple of weeks apart if we can manage it because we don’t have to.

“A lot of the work that Todd does can travel, and there’s been some intentionality to that on our part because we enjoy spending time together.

“I was lucky enough to meet Todd at a time in my life where no one – other than my friends and family – knew who the hell I was.

“I do think that having spent six years together before we came out here and thrust into some version of a limelight, it was the same way I felt very lucky that I was in my early-30s by the time that happened to me.

“There was so much under the belt for me life-wise. Of course, certain things are going to change, they would even if this hadn’t happened.

“You’re going to get older, but you’re less apt to have core things change about you that give you a real identity crisis.”