JK Rowling has the perfect response to Daily Mail's homophobic attack on Brexit judge

Earlier this week the Daily Mail came under fire after attacking a Brexit judge Sir Terence Etherton for being 'openly gay'. In a short profile of the three judges who have stopped the Prime Minister from beginning negotiations on Brexit without Parliament’s consent, the MailOnline wrote: “One founded a EUROPEAN law group, another charged the taxpayer millions for advice and the third is an openly gay ex-Olympic fencer.” Sir Terence Etherton is one of the country’s most senior judges and has over forty years of experience. However it seemed his sexuality was more important than his credentials when deciding the fate of the country. But J.K Rowling was quick to point out that the the headline wasn't that bad, Gay Star News reports. Taking to Twitter the Harry Potter writer wrote, "If the worst they can say about you is you're an OPENLY GAY EX-OLYMPIC FENCER TOP JUDGEyou've basically won life." The Daily Mail then removed any reference to Sir Terence's sexuality in the article, but the damage had already been done. More stories: EXCLUSIVE | Robbie Williams on sex addiction, drugs, and fame Chris Mears bulging in tiny white speedos is our new favourite thing: PICS