J.K. Rowling shuts down homophobic abuse thrown at Tom Daley

Sadly Tom Daley failed to make it to the 10m finals which lead to lots of people using it to bash him for being gay. Yesterday Tom Daley unfortunately didn't make it into the finals of the 10m dive. He still did amazingly well for team GB however. Because Daley failed to qualify, people took it upon themselves to send him abuse and homophobic hate. Nevertheless, people were out to defend Tom Daley. Cristian group 'Christian Voice' tweeted Tom saying: "Turning gay doesn't seem to have done Tom Daley any favours at J. K. Rowling jumped in on the defence of Tom by quoting the tweet and saying: 'Can't decide which is more offensive in this tweet, the stupidity or the spite.' Which pretty much summed up everyones opinions on the outrageous homophobic attacks Tom was getting online. On the positive, for as much bigoted hate that Tom was sent there was also a lot of love and pride sent towards him to0. Well done to Tom Daley and all that he has done. We are all looking forward to seeing you at Tokyo 2020! More stories: Meet the out and proud gay men representing their country at the Rio Olympic Games Team GB divers get ready for Rio – PICS