Joe Biden compares homophobia to cancer that killed his son

The former Vice President has been a long standing supporter of the LGBT community


Joe Biden compared homophobia in America to the cancer that killed his own son.

The former Vice President slammed the current Donald Trump administration’s record on the LGBT+ rights and during the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) annual gala, Biden sent a message of hope and support to the community.

In his speech, he remembered his late son Beau Biden, who died due to a brain tumour in 2015, and compared the cancer to the “disease” of homophobia.

He said: “He died of cancer. A terrible disease. We have a foundation that is trying to end cancer as we know it.

“This is a disease on America. The disease of homophobia. We can end it. We can save my grandkids, my great-grandkids and thousands and thousands of Americans.

“And the rest of the world will repair to the American standards. Too many of our young people are rejected, not just by their communities, but by their families.

“Blood of my blood, bone of my bone. Kicked out of their homes. Subject to the vile practice of gay conversion therapy that our Vice President promoted.”