Joe McElderry changes 'Halo' to 'Harlow' after petition

joemcelderryJoe McElderry performed a special version of Beyoncé's Halo for fans in Harlow last night (March 13). Earlier this week, our good friends at Popjustice launched a petition asking McElderry to change every instance of 'halo' in the ballad to 'Harlow' for one night only. The former X Factor champ responded to the petition, saying: "this is hilarious!" Over 100 people signed the petition and McElderry was caught on camera performing the song at last night's concert. Before singing, he joked: "Sorry Beyoncé for changing the lyrics to your song." > Joe McElderry wins Channel 4′s ‘The Jump’ Watch the video below: [youtube height="315" width="560"][/youtube]