John Barrowman accidentally broadcasts husband completely naked during Facebook livestream

Usually he's the one flashing it about, but yesterday John Barrowman accidentally allowed thousands of his online fans to see his husband naked, during a Facebook Live video session. There were red faces all around in Casa Barrowman when John was broadcasting from his hot tub in Palm Springs, talking to his fans about the weather, when out of nowhere, his husband Scott Gill appeared in the background, completely naked. “Oh, Scott! Oh my God!" Barrowman yelled, turning the camera away. "Did they just... I’m live video! I can’t believe… everyone just saw you naked!” But, the viewers didn't mind, with one commenting: "John, your man is kinda hung." Another pointed out: "The ratings just went up." civil3_1792335i John and Scott met in 1991, were civil partnered in 2006, and married in 2013. If you really must, you can watch the full NSFW video over on John's official Facebook page. More stories Watch: 'Arrow' stars John Barrowman and Stephen Amell lock lips at fan fest Picture special: Who's the hottest Game of Thrones actor