John Barrowman accidentally reveals husband Scott naked AGAIN on Snapchat

John Barrowman is normally the one to show it off but last month he, along with his husband Scott Gills, were left red-faced when Barrowman accidentally flashed a totally naked Scott during a Facebook livestream. And guess what - John's only gone and done it again. The Arrow star and his husband are currently in Melbourne for Oz Comic-Con, where John - who recently hit the headlines following an embarrassing tumble in heels on the set of Loose Women - is set to make an appearance for his role as Malcolm Merlyn (The Dark Archer) in The CW superhero drama While relaxing in his hotel room, Barrowman took to Snapchat to show off his 'look' for the night: a bath towel wrapped round his head, but it was the presence of his husband, who he met in 1991 before marrying in 2013, that caught our attention. Behind Barrowman, a naked Scott can be seen in all his glory - yet again - while he relaxes on the bed. john2     We've taken the liberty of protecting his modesty because, hey, John certainly doesn's seem like he's going to any time soon. Not that we're complaining, of course... More stories: Watch: ‘Arrow’ stars John Barrowman and Stephen Amell lock lips at fan fest 'Game of Thrones' reveals one of its characters is gay *spoilers*