John Stamos and Glen Powell size each other up in steamy Scream Queens shower scene

We knew there was a reason we loved Scream Queens. After the first season of Ryan Murphy's zany comedy-horror series gave us these immortal shots of Nick Jonas pumping some metal, the show's second season has decided to give it a series run for its money with this week's episode, which sees John Stamos's character Dr. Brock Holt share a steamy shower scene with Glen Powell's obnoxious jock Chad Radwell. As guys are wont to do in a communal shower environment, there's a lot of comparison occurring. But believe it or not, the homoerotic tension isn't even the best thing the scene has given us. That would go to this tweet from Stamos, who shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the actors naked on set. "I think our wieners just touched, accidentally." (was it really an accident @glenpowell ??" the 53(!)-year-old wrote. Time for a cold shower, we'd say. Check out the scene below: Scream Queens airs in the US on Tuesdays on FOX.