John Waters always fascinated by the 'freaks' and 'horrors'

In March's issues of Attitude, director John Waters, sat down with our Editor-In-Cheif. In the interview he discussed the rerelease of his second feature film Multiple Maniacs which was originally released in 1970. In the interview he talks about how "Trump would be in [his] personal house of horrors" if he was to recreate Cavalcade of Perversion today. He then goes on to say that "I used to go to freak shows when I was young." and that he was "fascinated" by them. He then relates this fascination to the gay world and why he loves it so much. He said: "within the gay world I like that there are the radical ones who don't fit in. And their own minorities have always been my audience. The ones who were a little embarrassed when they were so accepted by their culture." Waters then went on to say how he feels more at home with he punks, explaining: "I felt more at home with the punks because a gay march in San Francisco, it's hardly as if they're overcoming much. And the punk world's always been undercover gay, down-low gay." Elsewhere, the Attitude Body Issue sees our survey of 5000 readers reveal some shocking truths about how gay men really feel about their bodies, and we celebrate masculinity in all its forms as eleven guys with very different body types dare to go bare. Attitude editor-in-chief Matt Cain also strips off to show readers the the truth about how can turn a real body into a fantasy physique. Plus, I’m a Celebrity‘s Joel Dommett takes part in our Active fitness shoot as he reveals how he transformed his own physique – as well as some rather embarrassing personal details about his time in the jungle. You can read the full interview with Tom and see his exclusive new shoot in Attitude’s Body Issue, available to download and in shops now. Available internationally from More stories: How Instagram became the new gay cruising ground ‘There’s more to me than just a body’ – Tom Daley dives into Attitude’s Body Issue