Jonathan Groff talks 'Looking' sex scenes and his 'weird little d**k sock'

As the cast of HBO's Looking reunite to film the sadly-axed series' feature length grand-finale, Jonathan Groff has been opening up about the, erm, ins-and-outs of his sex scenes with co-stars Russell Tovey and ‎Raúl Castillo. Thankfully, the 30-year-old - who stars as video game designer Patrick Murray on the San Fran-set series - had only good things to say about his co-stars when it came to getting intimate on set. groff "I’ve never done a sex scene with someone who smells bad or I didn’t like something about them," Groff told Sirius XM's Michelangelo Signorile. "That would be terrible. That’s the benefit I’ve had." He added: "I’ve never done a sex scene with someone that has not been so respectful and great about smelling fine and making it as palatable as possible." "I find [sex scenes] really fun and enjoyable and funny and weird and hilarious and a great opportunity to share a lot about characters," he said. "And there’s no words, so it’s an interesting thing to act." groff (1) Weird and hilarious it certainly sounds, after Jonathan also revealed what it's like to stand in front of your friends in nothing more than some rather specific-sounding modesty protectors. "When you first get there and you take off the robes and you’re in your weird little dick sock and your anal cover, there’s usually some, like, laughter," he admits. "And then we sort of talk about what is happening in the scene. And we sort of do a rehearsal with our shorts on or whatever. And then we do it." Well, the more you know... Meanwhile, co-star Russell Tovey – who recently shocked fans after posting a possibly unintentionally revealing selfie online – has revealed that his explosive onscreen love affair with Groff very nearly didn't happen. Find out more here. More stories: Russell Tovey talks sex scenes: ‘I only touch balls if its in the script’ The Game continues to post bulge-tastic pics on Instagram