Joseph Cheaney & Sons: Proud to support inclusivity all year round, not just for Pride month

In partnership with Joseph Cheaney & Sons.


Despite being over 135 years old and relying on the time-honoured traditions of shoemaking, Joseph Cheaney & Sons is consistently looking towards the future and continually innovating, providing footwear to a wonderfully diverse customer base that grows larger every year.

It is important for heritage brands to not remain stagnant and to evolve alongside their brand advocates, their customers, from all walks of life. We are proud to manufacture a product that is entirely made in England, we are proud of our diverse members of our Cheaney community and we are proud to support inclusivity.

It is with this is mind that Cheaney are proud to celebrate Pride Month to showcase their support to the LGBTQ community during this month of celebration.

Renowned for their timeless yet contemporary shoes and boots, Cheaney’s heritage, meticulous craftsmanship and rich history are woven into the very fabric of their footwear. Joseph Cheaney & Sons have been producing some of the finest, handcrafted English shoes for over 130 years in the same red brick Victorian factory, which has provided its headquarters since 1886.

Located in the small village of Desborough on the outskirts of Northampton, they are dedicated to manufacturing elegant, durable and sustainable footwear for both men and women.

As a heritage British brand, Joseph Cheaney & Sons aim to champion quality footwear that challenges standard expectations of performance and longevity whilst actively promoting the ideology of buying once but buying the best. Passionate about the art of shoemaking, each shoe produced undergoes over 200 separate processes from start to finish, resulting in a uniquely crafted product.

Sourcing premium raw materials from some of the most revered tanneries in the world ensures a final shoe that is unparalleled in design and comfort. Pure materials such as cork, used in the bottom filler,  ensure unrivalled comfort whilst robust soles offer practicality for the wearer.

Similarly, the traditional technique known as the Goodyear Welt construction method has been long-established as an indication of premium quality in English shoe making. It is this construction method that enables shoemakers to completely remove the sole and refurbish the footwear allowing for a more sustainable, eco-conscious product.

Only a handful of shoe manufacturers in the world use this method, which was first invented in 1869, and Joseph Cheaney & Sons are one of them.

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