'Judy' Review | Renée Zellweger gives an Oscar worthy performance as Judy Garland

The new film hits US cinemas next month and in October for UK audiences


Words: Steve Brown

Ever since I knew who Judy Garland was, I longed for someone to make a story about her life.

It’s no shock to fans of the iconic Wizard of Oz actress that she had a turbulent life and her addiction to drugs and alcohol was a major factor in her ever-so early death at the age of 47.

Her life is a perfect example of how Hollywood producers were – and some still are – cruel businessmen who will do anything to make a buck or two and Judy doesn’t fail to show that.

Judy – helmed by Rupert Goold - tells the story of Garland during the final year of the legendary singer, actress and gay icon's life.

Starring the Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger as the titular character, the way she brings to life the struggling icon is Oscar worthy and I would not be surprised to see her nabbing the Best Actress Award.

She also proves her vocal talents once again and performs all the songs herself – which will leave you with goosebumps and tears rolling down your cheeks.

The film also throws in added humour which matches perfectly with the tragic tale of one of the most beloved actresses every to grace the big screen.

One particular scene featuring Zellweger and Andy Nyman is an unforgettable moment and shows the impact the iconic actress had on the LGBTQ community.

The film also stars Finn Wittrock as Garland’s fifth and final husband Mickey Deans – who she married just three months before her death.

Although I must say, I did not know much about Deans, if Wittrock’s performance is anything to go off, he does not come off well.

Despite loving every moment of the film – and forced to wipe away tears at least four times – there are parts of the biopic that I couldn’t help think were added for dramatic effect.

Not that it’s a bad thing at any point but doing research post-film, it became clear that some of the most powerful parts did not actually happen.

Once again, that is not a bad thing to add in and I’m certain other recent biopics – including Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman – added a bit of Hollywood flair as well.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the film and would happily see it again and again and will be gobsmacked if Zellweger is not handed an award or two.

Rating: 4*

Judy is set to hit cinemas in the US on 27 September and in the UK on 2 October. Check out the official trailer below: