Justice League star Ezra Miller kisses male fan at Comic-Con - WATCH

Ezra Miller's casting as Barry Allen aka The Flash in the upcoming Justice League movie was notable for making the first queer actor to land a leading role in a big screen superhero franchise,  and it seems the 24-year-old American is intent on making his mark - on fans' lips, that is. The Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them star was attending San Diego Comic-Con this week - where Justice League fans were treated to an incredible 4-minute preview trailer of the upcoming blockbuster - when he was filmed locking lips with a male fan. Miller had been explaining to a crowd of gathered fans why The Flash would struggle to get drunk when a fan asked to smell the star's breath to prove it. The fanboy in question got a lot more than he bargained for however when Miller leaned in for a full-blown kiss - to wild cheers from the watching crowd. Miller, who identifies as queer and first publicly discussed his sexuality in 2012, and admitted last year that the thought of hiding his sexuality to help his burgeoning Hollywood career never once crossed his mind. “I never thought about hiding anything about myself,” he said. The New Jersey-born star, who'll play The Flash in his own standalone film set for release in 2018, went on: “When I was around 14, I was obsessed with Hunter S. Thompson. I must’ve seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 500 times. “Hunter created this public persona called Raoul Duke who was very different from himself and it tortured him… So I never wanted to set up a public persona who was different from who I was. “Maybe it sounds cheesy, but I just wanted to realise my true self.” Justice League hits UK cinemas on November 17. If you want to re-watch that sneak peek trailer again (and again, and again), simply click here. More stories: Queer as Folk turns 18: Where are they now? Sam Stanley hits back at relationship critics: ‘There’s a lot of hate from gay people’