Justin Bieber full-frontal photos leak, internet explodes


Whether he's been stripping off to swim in Icelanddressing in leather for Calvin Klein shoots or sharing gloriously naked holiday snaps, we thought we'd seen an awful lot of Justin Bieber in 2015. Little did we know we'd soon be seeing it *all*. The Twitter-sphere was sent into meltdown late last night (October 7) after leaked paparazzi pictures showing The Biebs completely naked on holiday in Bora Bora began circulating online, with little Justin (or should that be not-so-little?) on show for all the world to see. As the internet blew up, some reacted to the news with unabashed joy... ...While others understandably took issue with the paparazzi's violation of the young singer's privacy. And some decided - perhaps a little too late - to help Justin preserve his modesty, like Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw, who showcased some excellent Microsoft Paint skills on Instagram and reshared the pictures with the caption: "Helping my brother @justinbieber out". Either way, it's hard to readjust to the PG-13 levels of What Do You Mean?, isn't it? More stories: Little boy wants to be Disney princess for Halloween, amazing dad says he’ll dress to match Dustin Lance Black on starting a family with Tom Daley