Justin Bieber gets shirtless, tries best smouldering face in comeback music video

Like it or not, Justin Bieber is back - and, judging by the fact his new single 'What Do You Mean?' has been at the top of iTunes charts around the world since its release on Friday, he hasn't lost any of his appeal. The star, who was a breakout phenomenon in the late-00s, has spent the last few years being more renowned for legal trouble and alleged bad behaviour than actual music, but now - keen to turn over a new leaf and get back to business - he's stepped-up Operation Career with the new track's steamy-ish music video. The fringe is long, the shirt is off, and the model-face is out in full force. Keira Knightley wouldn't turn her nose up at this expression: tumblr_ntxf4r2J2s1rpgfoho8_500 Or this one: tumblr_ntxf4r2J2s1rpgfoho7_500 And obviously this was bound to happen at some point: tumblr_ntxfdkrFxb1r5hvkyo1_500 tumblr_ntxi3pXHfr1qi9acuo2_250 Yep. He's back all right. Watch 'What Do You Mean?' in full below. All GIFs via Tumblr.