Justin Bieber's dad tweets creepy response to son's nudes

The Bieber nudes. We've seen them, you've seen them, and none of us feel proud of ourselves, right? So far, the Biebs himself has maintained a dignified silence about the fact that, due to some creepy paparazzo with a super-long lens spying on him while he was holidaying in Bora Bora, we've now seen a lot more of him than anticipated. You'd think Bieber's dad would maintain that silence - or perhaps, at a pinch, that he'd release a statement bemoaning the invasion of his son's privacy? Nah. Instead, Jeremy Bieber today tweeted a public message to his 21-year-old son - and his own 2.43million Twitter followers: Basically, 'Nice D'. Here it is - prepare yourself: https://twitter.com/JeremyBieber/status/652506486124449792 OUR EYES. Never have the words '#proud daddy' sounded so deeply, deeply creepy. anigif_enhanced-buzz-7170-1366739373-10 Permission to permanently shut down Twitter - this tweet just ruined it as a form of communication for everyone.