Karamo Brown's fiance suffered 'severe anxiety attack' while talking about their wedding

The 'Queer Eye' culture expert revealed he has booked a Ferris wheel for the wedding


Words: Steve Brown

Karamo Brown sent his fiancé Ian Jordan to hospital after talking about their upcoming wedding.

The former Attitude cover star and Queer Eye’s culture expert proposed to his partner of eight years in May this year and as they couple prepare to celebrate their wedding, Karamo revealed that they spent Thanksgiving in hospital after his partner had an anxiety attack.

During an event in New York with the rest of the Fab Five, Karamo said: “This is a true story, it’s sad but it’s also funny.

“This Thanksgiving, we spent the first couple hours in the emergency room because he had a severe anxiety attack; he thought it was a heart attack.

“They were like, ‘Everything is fine with you, it’s anxiety. What were you talking about before?’

“And [Jordan] was like, ‘He’s been talking about the wedding!’”

We can see why his fiancé had an anxiety attack after it was revealed Karamo has booked a 30-acre venue for their nuptials in 2020 as well as making other big purchases.

He continued: “[For] the Friday night of our three-day wedding event, I just paid for a Ferris wheel, I’m not even joking.”