Kate Winslet moved Ammonite sex scenes to Saoirse Ronan's birthday

Kate says God's Own Country director Francis Lee was "nervous" about the scenes.


Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan choregraphed their own sex scenes for upcoming move Ammonite, it has emerged.

In fact, Oscar-winner Kate even planned for filming of the scenes to take place on Saoirse's birthday.

How thoughtful!

"I just wanted her to have, frankly, a great memory in her film life, regardless of how the scene played out or the movie turned out," Titanic star Kate told EW.

"I knew that it would be [great] just because of the experience that we would share together. I knew that it would be very equal."

Ammonite, by God's Own Country director Francis Lee, is a fictional account of palaeontologist Mary Anning (Winslet) and her relationship with socialite Charlotte (Ronan)m, set in 1840s Lyme Regis.

"We were on the same page"

Winslet, 44. added that director Lee was "nervous" and "concerned to be appropriate in terms of his behaviour" about the scenes.

(Although we imagine the outdoor sex scenes in God's Own Country were surely more challenging!).

She continued: "I just could feel that Saoirse and I had the same ideas in terms of what we wanted to express in the scene, the emotional underpinning of the scene, the connection between these two women — which is, of course, more important than anything in any love scene.

"We were on the same page in terms of that."

Ammonite is out soon.

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