Kate Winslet says she knows 'at least four' closeted actors: 'Men more than anything'

"Some well known, some starting out"


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Lionsgate

Kate Winslet has said she knows of at least four famous actors who are in the closet about being LGBTQ.

Speaking in her latest interview, the Titanic star went on to slam the "judgment, discrimination and homophobia" of the film industry.

The star added to the Sunday Times that of the closeted stars she knows, some are "well known, some [are] starting out."

"The agent said, ‘I understand you are bisexual. I wouldn’t publicise that’"

“I cannot tell you the number of young actors I know - some well known, some starting out - who are terrified their sexuality will be revealed and that it will stand in the way of their being cast in straight roles," she said.

“I’m telling you. A well-known actor has just got an American agent and the agent said, ‘I understand you are bisexual. I wouldn’t publicise that.’ I can think of at least four actors absolutely hiding their sexuality. It’s painful. Because they fear being found out. And that’s what they say. ‘I don’t want to be found out.’”

Asked if she was talking about men or women, Kate replied: “Men more than anything. It’s bad news.”

In her new film Ammonite, Kate plays a fictionalised version of the historic palaeontologist Mary Anning, who embarks on a love affair with another women.

Kate recently discussed the film in an interview with Attitude [above], telling us: "There is no historical evidence whatsoever to suggest she had relationships with men, none. And she was not married.

"So, I think it should be permissible to explore an alternative love life for that individual, to delve into what might have gone on in the inner workings of their heart."

Ammonite is available to stream now.