Katie Hopkins: 'Pride in London should be ashamed'

Katie Hopkins has criticised Pride in London's decision to remove UKIP's LGBT group from the parade lineup, saying the organisation has become "the very people [it] despised". The professional controversy-baiter made the comments in her latest column for The Sun, in which she joined figures such as London Mayor Boris Johnson in denouncing the removal of UKIP LGBT+ from the event, which is set to take later this month. katie hopkins Organisers had faced a considerable backlash from the public and LGBT community groups for allowing the party – which has been consistently embroiled in rows over members making homophobic and racist remarks – to participate in the event. The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant said that she 'didn't care' about who marched in the parade on June 27, explaining: "What I do care about is when a community that preaches inclusivity and tolerance is suddenly exceptionally intolerant of anyone with an opposing view.." She continued: "Those putting pressure on Pride in London to make this decision are exactly the type of people who make gross assumptions about me because I do not have the beauty pageant answer for everything. "No, I don't think the NHS should pay for IVF for gay couples. Yes, all diversity officers are lunatics." She added: "When a community doesn't allow alternative voices to be heard, it is no longer a community. It is a mob, where you must conform to be accepted. The mob is a monster, "Pride in London, you should be ashamed. You have become the very people you despised. "Your new slogan should be: Fit in or get out." UKIP LGBT+ previously expressed their disappointment over the decision, describing it as a “sad day for diversity and freedom” on the group’s official Facebook page. Meanwhile, Attitude's Ben Kelly recently argued that Katie Hopkins doesn't deserve to be called a gay icon - click here to read his column in full. More stories: Watch: First clip of 'Neighbours' gay stripper revealed Dave Franco’s hottest ever moments (NSFW)