Katy Perry ranks ex-boyfriends Orlando Bloom, John Mayer and Diplo in bed


Katy Perry has been revealing some seriously intimate details about her life in her live stream. The Witness singer has let fans into every aspect of her life for the past 72 hours, and has welcomed a host of celebrity guests along for the ride including Caitlyn Jenner, Gigi Gorgeous and RuPaul. After she challenged Jenner's political opinions and shared her thoughts about trans issues with Gorgeous, James Cordon popped by for a chat with the singer. During their conversation, the Gavin and Stacy star probed Katy about her past relationships and things quickly got pretty personal. After getting comfortable with the star, Cordon asked her: "Out of John Mayer, Orlando Bloom and Diplo - who's best in bed?" While at first she refused to answer, the chat show host eventually wore the pop star down. Cordon said: "So Diplo in third, Bloom in second and Mayer first?" and Katy quietly nodded in agreement. We volunteer to test that theory. She then added: "But they're all amazing lovers and I want to have sex with all of them when I get out of this place!" Meanwhile, Katy was praised on social media over the weekend when she broke down in tears during a counselling session during the live stream, when she revealed that she cut her hair because she's "tired of trying to be Katy Perry and not Kathryn Hudson".