Kelly Clarkson's top 10 singles ranked in order of greatness

The queen of pop-rock turns 38 today (April 24).


Whether you're a fan of Kelly Clarkson or not, there's no denying she's released some absolute BANGERS over the past decade.

Things were a little shaky at first after her first post-Idol album, 2003's Thankful, underperformed globally, but KC cemented herself among Planet Earth's pop A-list just two years later with Breakaway, which went on to become arguably the definitive pop record of the mid-noughties.

15 years into her career and mother-of-two Kelly is now on a brand new label, a judge on The Voice, fronting the phenomenally successful US daytime show The Kelly Clarkson Show, and is gearing up to release her ninth studio album this year.

To celebrate her 38th birthday today (April 24), we thought we'd take a look back at her Top 10 best singles ever...

10) Mr. Know It All - 2011 (UK chart peak #4)

After garnering a reputation for stomping guitar-driven lead singles, Kelly threw us a welcome curveball with the paired back - but no less defiant - first track from fourth album Stronger.

9) Walk Away - 2006 (UK chart peak #21)

If you've not belted out 'Walk Away' in your mum's heels with a hairbrush in hand you might as well be dead already.

8) Because of You - 2005 (UK chart peak #7)

P!nk's 'Family Portrait' will only ever come second in the 'broken home banger' category.

7) Already Gone - 2009 (UK chart peak #66)

Did Ryan Tedder really re-use the arrangement for Beyonce's 'Halo'? Probably. Is this co-write Ms. Clarkson's most moving work to date? YES. 

6) Never Again - 2007 (UK chart peak #9)

Haunting your f**k-boy ex until he descends into psychosis is a MOOD. 

5) My Life Would Suck Without You - 2009 (UK chart peak #1)

Kelly refused to be credited as a co-writer on this massive global chart-topper because she didn't want to be associated with Dr. Luke - and if that doesn't elevate you to icon status frankly nothing will.

4) Miss Independent - 2003 (UK chart peak #6)

Who else could do a track originally intended for Xtina's Stripped album true justice? KC, that's who.

3) Underneath The Tree - 2013 (UK chart peak #30)

Not only is it acceptable to listen to this Christmas song all-year round, it should in fact be made law.

2) Since U Been Gone - 2005 (UK chart peak #1)

To this day, the final 'AGAAAAIN' in the middle eight tears the starry vault asunder to reveal the face of God. 

1) Behind These Hazel Eyes - 2005 (UK chart peak #9)

It's the thinking man's 'Since U Been Gone', and that's that on that. Don't believe us? We'll let the good folks who've left comments under the official video on YouTube take it from here:

"If you hate this song you have no taste in fantastic music".

"I just found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me this song is like only thing keeping me from breaking down".

"this song makes me feel like a strong independent woman, and i have a penis".

"I love your song behied there hazle eyes beacause it is Cachy."

"She took the ring. Good girl. Ebay that."