Kentucky County clerk Kim Davis may have to pay over $200,000 in legal costs after obstructing same-sex marriages


Former Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’s refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples landed her in prison for five days back in 2015, and it looks as though she'll be picking up a hefty legal bill for her actions.

According to news site, the same-sex couples who sued Davis so they could be granted marriage licences have called on a District Judge to allow them to recuperate $233,058 in legal fees from Davis.

One of the lawyers for the couples, William Sharp, released a statement on the matter, saying, “Courts recognize that when successful civil rights plaintiffs obtain a direct benefit from a court-ordered victory, such as in this case, they can be entitled to their legal expenses to deter future civil rights violations by government officials.”

Davis' lawyers have since urged the District Judge to deny the couples' requests, arguing that they didn't technically win the case against Davis; the matter was resolved by a change in legislation after the state of Kentucky, which Rowan County is a part of, removed the need for county clerk's names to be signed on marriage liscences.

Rowan County have argued that they too are not liable to cover the costs. Rowan Mando, an attorny working on behalf of the county filed a response saying that Davis didn't act on behalf of the county, and therefore they shouldn't have to foot a bill caused by her actions.

“County clerks are not employees of the county, but instead are the holders of elective office pursuant to the Kentucky Constitution,” Mando wrote.

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