KFC's Colonel performs strip-tease with the Chippendales aka Chickendales - Watch

The new younger, ripped and sexy Colonel is finger-lickin' good


The sun is out. It’s Friday. What else could there be to brighten up this weekend? Well, KFC has just upped their game.

A few weeks back, the iconic KFC Colonel – which is based off Harland Sanders, the creator of the American fast food chain – had a make-over and it is safe to say he turned finger-lickin’ good.

But now things have heated up!

To celebrate American Mother’s Day, the new, younger, ripped and hot Colonel has joined forces with the Chippendales – or Chickendales as they are called – for a special strip tease and the Colonel shows off his hot physique.

Writing on Facebook, KFC said: “The Chickendales are cooking up two very special things this Mother’s Day: hot meals and even hotter dance moves.

“Make your mom a custom video at CHICKENDALES.COM. Then head on over to KFC and let the Colonel do the cooking with our brand new Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits, available starting 4/29, FREE when you buy a 10-piece bucket meal.”

Although self-promo-ing like hell, the video is definitely one to make this Friday afternoon just a tad better and make you wish the Colonel to perform a solo strip tease.

Watch the video below: